Greetings    from    Pastor    Ingram    and    the    Sandy    Ridge Missionary   Baptist   Church   family.   Our   mission   is   to serve   Christ   and   to   make   everyone   who   comes   through our   church   doors   feel   all   the   love   and   hospitality   we offer.    We    invite    everyone    to    join    us    on    Wednesday night   for   enlightenment   on   bible   verses   and   on   Sunday mornings   for   our   inspiring   and   uplifted   services.   Our goal   is   to   inspire,   uplift,   and   encourage   people   to   live according   to   the   ordinances   of   Christ. We   invite   each   of you   to   worship   with   us   and   we   look   forward   to   seeing each and everyone of you.  
Sandy Ridge Missionary Baptist Church
  Morven, North Carolina
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From the Desk of Pastor Vashon Ingram
Ministerial Staff
Reverend Vashon Ingram
Minister Brenda Rorie
Rev. Moses Dixon
Charlie Davis, Jr. Chairman of the Deacon Board
Lee Waring Deacon
Rev. W.H. Sturdivant Honorary Pastor
Rev. Emmanuel Rorie
Vera S. Cash Church Clerk