Our History

The   written   church   history   currently   available   was   compiled   by   the   late   Church   Historian Audry   S.   Davis.      It was   prepared   many   years   ago   based   upon   the   recollections   of   one   of   our   oldest   members,   Mr.   Alexander McCoy, now deceased. As   related   by   Mr.   McCoy,   Sandy   Ridge   Baptist   Church   was   constructed   during   slavery   time.      Its   founder, “Uncle   Joe   Ratliff”   as   he   was   called,   pastored   here   from   the   time   he   constructed   this   church   until   his   death in   1920.      It   is   our   belief   that   Uncle   Joe   pastored   at   this   church   for   forty-five   years.      To   the   best   of   our knowledge, this church is approximately 165 years old. At    the    time    Rev.    Ratliff    built    this    church,    he    also    built    Mt.    Level,    Madison    Grove,    and    Timmonsville Churches.      Rev.   Ratliff   was   also   the   first   Moderator   of   the   Black   Zion   Association.      He   was   appointed   to   this   position   by   his   white   slave master, who was at that time the Moderator of the only Zion Association that existed. The ministers who have served this church since its beginning on the register are: Rev. Joe Ratliff:  founder Rev. Bullard Rev. Jim Little Rev. Alsbrook:  He did not complete his term of office.  It was completed by his successor. Rev. Jim Ellerbe:   Completed the term of Rev. Alsbrook, serving until the association met, at which point a new pastor was appointed. Rev. Nelson:  He did not complete his term. Rev. Jim Horn:  Replaced Rev. Nelson and served until the association again met and made a new appointment. Rev. Johnson Rev. Burl Sturdivant:  Was released at the end of his term. Rev. W.M. Allen Rev. McManus Rev. Joshau Diggs Rev. Malloy:  Died while in office, and his term was completed by a successor. Rev. J.H. Ferguson:  Was appointed by the association to complete Rev. Malloy’s term. Rev. Worth Rev. Fairley:  He did not complete his term.  Various ministers filled in until a new pastor was appointed. Rev. J.E. Chambers:  He asked to be released before his term expired. Rev. Amos Chandler:  Pastor until November 1974, when a new pastor was appointed. Rev. W.H. Sturdivant: Served as pastor until July 2014. Rev. Vashon Ingram:  Appointed October 4, 2015, as pastor. Church Clerks of this church, in order of service rendered are: Tom McCoy:  Served as the first church clerk. Joe Waring Michael Waring Katie Bennett Elijah McCoy Charlie Davis, Jr. (until April 2018) Vera S. Cash  (beginning April 2018) When   Rev.   J.H.   Ferguson   was   pastor,   it   was   decided   a   new   church   was   needed.      This   church   was   completed   in   1958.      In   1975,   the church   was   furnished   with   new   pews   and   carpet.     At   a   later   date,   new   windows,   as   well   as   air   conditioning   were   added.      On   October   21, 1984,   at   2:30   p.m.,   the   Sandy   Ridge   Missionary   Baptist   Church   Fellowship   Hall   was   dedicated   on   our   church   anniversary,   with   Rev. Wade   Gatewood,   during   the   service.     Through   cooperation   and   continuing   our   work   with   God’s   guidance,   we   will   always   feel   proud   of   the past   and   present   history   of   Sandy   Ridge   Missionary   Baptist   Church   and   its   community.      May   our   future,   under   God’s   guidance,   be   even more fruitful than our past.  
Sandy Ridge Missionary Baptist Church
  Morven, North Carolina
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